What is Art Journaling?

The first time I saw art journaling was in a bible, I was like, "What are they doing? Is that ok?" I was smitten once I checked it out! I really enjoy it because it has given me so much in return. First, know that one does not have to art journal in a bible, you can use pretty much anything really. So, for example I just watched a periscope of a person showing how they repurposed a children't board book by painting it with gesso (this is just a product that prepares a surface so one can apply other products like paints)!!! Oh my land, what fun!!!!!!! 


I am all for repurposing, I so hate waste and with the ability we have today to go online and see what others are doing is so inspiring. 


What is it?! It is just writing, drawing, painting, coloring, etc., what inspires you, on the pages of a bible, journal, home made pages, canvas, etc., etc., whatever you have or want.....seriously, that is it. There is no right or wrong way to do it, no format unless you want a format and in that case, ask others how they do it and why..........but don't let that cheat you out of exploring what floats your boat. 


How I do it is certainly not my goal because currently it happens whenever I have time between home educating, between cooking, cleaning, reading, etc. so I am sporadic. I will also go in spurts if I take a class and create from what I learn. My goal is to be more regular, delibrate, and as always more organized. Glad I gave myself permission to just have fun and learn along the way or I would be freaking out!


I apologize to be once again telling you to come back for more but its the truth. I am pretty sure you won't regret it.



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